We are a professional taxi company in the Netherlands and have a taxi quality mark. We are representative and provide transport for both private and business customers.

Taxi Service Leidsche Rijn

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Taxi Service Leidsche Rijn

More than just a ride from A to B


We take care of the classic street taxi ride, school transportation, child seats and MaxiCosis, elderly (care) transport and wheelchair transport


In addition to the classic street taxi ride, we also provide school transportation, We also have child seats and MaxiCosis with Isofix closure! elderly (care) transport and wheelchair transport.


We are active in the inner city and outskirts of Utrecht and focus on contract transport, taxi passenger transport and management transport.


Taxi Service Leidsche Rijn can carry up to 8 people and accepts PIN and all types of credit cards. In addition, we offer residents of Central Netherlands fixed competitive Schiphol rates.


Our Services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. In short, taxi service as it was once intended: polite, safe and affordable.


Did you know that we always send a taxi within 5 to 10 minutes in the Leidsche Rijn Utrecht region?

Taxi from De Meern

Discover the possibilities of Taxi Service Leidsche Rijn, based in De Meern and working in the entire Utrecht region. You benefit not only from competitive rates, but also from extensive, reliable service and excellent services. You do not only travel from A to B with us, but also use us for other services, such as school transport or wheelchair transport. That's why everyone who lives near Utrecht Leidsche Rijn can book a taxi with our company in De Meern!

Travel with our taxi from De Meern to Utrecht Leidsche Rijn and beyond

Our taxi can be used for different types of transport in the Utrecht region: From Leidsche Rijn to the Meern and beyond. Consider:
Classic journey;
Business transport;
School transport;
Transport to and from Schiphol Airport;
Elderly (care) transport;
Wheelchair transport

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